Project You Coaching

Often most of us get stuck whether it’s in a relationship, work or life itself and we don’t know why, we just come to a grinding halt. Why we get stuck is a big question and certainly there are many factors but also, and most importantly, our unconscious can lead us down blind alleys or stop us following the direction we think we want.

In my opinion most life coaching is about setting goals and motivating people to achieve them. But if our unconscious does not believe that this is right for us then the chances are it will throw a spanner in the works. We won’t even be aware of how and why this is happening! However, what we can notice is anxiety and a loss of motivation.

Many of us live with a feeling that we are not living the life we could but unsure of what we really want to do. Perhaps Project You can help. This is life coaching but with a difference.

In some cases Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be combined with Project You Coaching which means there are many techniques available to help you change your life for the better; help you achieve what you sought coaching for. It can be used to help you achieve a goal you have in mind, but it’s intended to do a lot more; it’s intended to give you the means of taking control of the way you live your life.

This is based on scientific research, around the state of flow, that shows how people can improve their sense of contentment and happiness and maximise their skills in the most productive way. I have seen this often with my clients.

So what is flow? Flow is a state of effortless action, often seen in sports professionals where everything they do seems to be perfect. Have you had one of those moments where you’re completely lost in something you’re doing? Time seems to stop, everything seems effortless, and life feels right? That’s flow.

Sports coaches try to get their athletes achieve this during competition. If you could live your life in flow, what wouldn’t be possible? How much happier would you feel? If your life could be full of these moments, would there be a goal that you can’t achieve, a change you couldn’t make?

Is that possible? As a life coach it’s not going to surprise you for me to say that I think it is. There are things you need to learn about yourself that will make it possible. There are things you’re going to have to do to learn them. It might not be easy for some but it’s possible for everyone.

If you’ve been looking for something to make that vital difference to your life, this could be it!