“Like most people, I had preconceived ideas of hypnotherapy…television particularly left me with thoughts of being in a deep trance and doing silly things. So dubiously I decided to try it.  I was pleasantly surprised! The key I think is being able to let go of the need to control, trusting your therapist, being honest with yourself and delving deep within yourself. Michael helped me to make links with personal issues that I never knew subconsciously existed. It has truly helped me move forward. I would thoroughly recommend it.” K. Boyce

“As a long-time sufferer from an extreme fear of flying, I knew I wanted a change but was slightly sceptical at how Cognitive Hypnotherapy could really help me.
I could only have a few sessions with Michael before I was next due to travel, but to my amazement and huge relief I felt calmer and more at ease in the run-up to the holiday, and I boarded the plane confident and relaxed. I felt the same all through the journey, and even on the return flight back.

Almost two decades of a phobia which made going on holidays abroad a stressful and frightening experience disappeared, along with the rituals and superstitions I had used to ‘help’ myself cope. It is wonderful how just a few hours changed years of a cycle of fear, anxiety and dread.

The best part of Cognitive Hypnotherapy for me, apart from the sense of freedom and possibility it provides you with, is that you are ultimately in control. You really are helping yourself. I would thoroughly recommend it, and Michael as the Therapist who guides you through it. You have nothing to lose- except your fears!” K. Broadhurst

“I needed help with my studies to continue my professional career. In this project Michael demonstrated a very quick grasp of the essence of the situation and goal, and an effective and thorough response. I have been exceedingly happy with the results, I was able to get to a point I had not reached before. Right now I feel more confident I will reach goals that before I was not even considering. It has been a pleasure to work with Michael, who communicates well and gives essential feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.” V.G.

“In my sessions with Michael he gave me the tools to review and understand what is personally important to me; he also helped me to better understand my personal relationships and how to see others’ points of view. Lastly I felt he really helped me to think positively and to build and sustain my confidence. I would certainly recommend his work.” M. Hetherington

“After trying courses of many other therapies to help me with my anxieties and fears, hypnotherapy was an option I had never previously tried.  Michael helped me take control of my circling thoughts and repetitive behaviours with hypnotherapy, allowing me the chance to move on from the self destructive patterns held previously as a result of my anxiety and fear. Thank you for your time and guidance. Your advice and both techniques employed in the sessions and taught techniques have allowed me to break bad habits and finally move forward.” S.M.

“After suffering for a long time with a couple of exhausting facial tics (particularly eye-related) I got in touch with Michael to arrange an appointment with him. From the first session he managed to get me to relax my mind and my body and learn that it is possible to ‘forget’, channel and control my issues and anxieties through a variety of techniques and methods. Michael is a calming presence, is a great listener and, above all, cares deeply about his clients’ concerns and issues. His sessions are very informative and interesting, and can also be fun! I thoroughly recommend him.” T.K.

“I wanted to send you a message right now because I was so delighted with how my speech went at my brother’s wedding. It went really well. As soon as I stood up in front of the room all my nerves completely disappeared and it was like it came completely naturally to me. The crowd all reacted so well, everybody was laughing and cheering. Afterwards people were coming up to me to compliment me on it etc. Felt really good to finally get it done and to see people react so well, it was brilliant. Thanks again for all of your help in coping with this.” D. Bolger